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  • Scored "Random Lunacy" by Vic Zimet & Stephanie Silber 2007

  • Scored "In Debt We Trust" by Danny Schechter in 2006

  • Scored WMD: Weapons of Mass Deception by Danny Schechter in 2004

  • Scored "Freedom from Despair" by Brenda Brkusic in 2004

  • Scored "Justice" by Evan Oppenheimer in 2003

  • Scored "The Making and the meaning of We Are Family"  film by Danny Schechter in 2002

  • Scored "Murder on Mott Street" film by Burt Young in 2001

  • Scored "King of Cool" film by Robert Katz (biopic about the life of Steve McQueen) in 1998.  R.Katz is an Academy Award nominee.

  • Scored "Beyond Life With Timothy Leary" film by Danny Schechter in 1998. D. Schechter is an  Emmy award winner.

  • Scored "Transatlantic"film by Mladen Juran  in 1998. Croatian
    entry for the Academy Awards

  • Scored "The World of Elie Wiesel " by Danny Schechter in 1997

  • Produced, directed and wrote music video "Can We Go Higher?" in 1991 (includes Rick Danko, Garth Hudson, John Malkovich, Richie Havens, Indigo Girls, Ellen Burstyn, Martin Sheen, Michael York, Michael Penn, Peter Holsapple, Johnny Farina)

  • Scored Brian Owens feature film "Happy Hell Night", 1992/93 (HBO, CINEMAX)

  • Scored the Robert Stone documentary feature film, "The Satellite Sky" 1990 which  won "Louis Award" for 1990. (R.Stone is an Academy Award nominee)             

  • Scored the John Shepphird  film "Urban Annoyance" premiered at the Sundance Festival 

  • Scored the William Robertson short film, "An Afternoon In The Park" done at Columbia Film School in class of Milos Forman which won four prestigious awards at United States Film Festivals.

  • Scored the Webster Lewine short film, "Haunted" done at the same school in class of Martin Scorsese which has been selected for the Berlin Film Festival of 1989.

  • Scored the Adam Idelson short film, "Crosswords" done at the same school in the class of  Milos Forman

  • Scored the Anthony Alosi short film, "Dead Silence" in the class of Martin Scorsese. This film entered the finals of the Focus Festival in 1989

  • Promotional music video "You Need A Love" for the "Greatest Hits" Album

  • Promotional music video "Woman In The Bay" for the "Greatest Hits" Album

    Information about additional film & video scores will be provided
    upon request.