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Nenad is a recording artist, composer, and performer who recorded for Sony, Universal, Decca, Polygram and many other labels. Two of his albums reached  No. 1 in Europe, and to date he has sold over one million records. In addition, he has performed all over the world with a wide range of artists, including Luciano Pavarotti, Bono & The Edge (U2), Brian Eno, Indigo Girls, Richie Havens, Garth Hudson & Rick Danko (The Band), Vince Welnick (Grateful Dead), Martin Sheen, Michael York, John Malkovich, Ellen Burstyn, and many more. He performed at Woodstock 94, and in 1998 he made a compilation album with Bruce Springsteen, Leonard Cohen and Allen Ginsberg. In March 1999, he opened the Miss Universe pageant in Europe. On his most recent tour he performed his music accompanied by Klapa Sinj, a Croatian a cappella group, in New York City, Washington D.C. and Chicago.

Nenad also writes and records music for film and theater. He has scored many features and short films. One such project was "King of Cool," a biopic about the life of Steve McQueen which premiered on American Movie Classics (AMC), to over 65 million households. Another was "Life beyond Timothy Leary". Subsequently, Nenad scored the Mladen Juran film "Transatlantic", which was the Croatian entry for Best Foreign Film in the 1999 Academy Awards and a film directed by Burt Young called "Murder on Mott Street". Other projects include "The Making and the meaning of We Are Family" film by Danny Schechter in 2002, "Justice" by Evan Oppenheimer in 2003, "Freedom from Despair" by Brenda Brkusic in 2004. Recently Nenad contributed to the score of "Random Lunacy," the award winning documentary about Poppa Neutrino and the Neutrino family by Victor Zimet and Stephanie Silber.

Nenad is also a record producer with a special interest in documenting the fascinating but little-known musical traditions of his homeland, Croatia. His most recent work includes the production of four new SACDs (super audio compact discs) of a capella music from Croatia (by Klapa Sinj, Klapa Fa Lindjo, Klapa Navalia and Klapa Luka). These followed three previously released a cappella albums: "Fire on the Sea," by Klapa Fortunal; "Following the Cross," a collection of Lenten chants based on 600-year-old Gregorian Chants by the Pharos Cantors; and "Novaljo, Novaljo," by Klapa Navalia. The klapa music produced by Nenad was one of the highest rated programs on the long-running NPR radio program "Millenium of Music," hosted by Robert Aubry Davis.

Nenad's work and his life story have been featured on all the major US TV networks (CBS, ABC, NBC), on CNN, on Sky Channel, and on TV channels in Russia, France, Germany, Italy, Great Britain, Spain, Japan, and many other countries. Press coverage has been similarly widespread, ranging from The New York Times to Billboard, from The Washington Post to Corriere Della Sera, and from The Boston Globe to the New York Daily News.

Nenad sang in the new recordings of "We Are Family" benefit for the Sept. 11th fund as well as scored the film "The Making and the Meaning of We Are Family". He recently completed work as a language consultant for the literature and film project for four of the Harry Potter books.

Nenad is the creator and editor of CROWN (Croatian World Network, ), an internet-based news and information source for Croatians and friends of Croatia throughout the world. The site posts news of interest and now features an interactive calendar for posting of events.

In 2006 Globus Magazine listed Nenad Bach as one of the 100 most influential Croatians in the world.

The long-awaited new album desired by his many fans from all over the world, called "Everything is Forever" is in the recording stage and will be released in 2012 preceding with an EP "All I Want Is Freedom" coming out in May/June of 2011, delivered by his new NENAD BACH BAND. Several songs on the album will feature the sounds of his homeland by incorporating Croatian a cappella singers.

In 2014, director Victor Zimet and producer Stephanie Silber of Home Team Productions finished production of a documentary film based on Nenad's life and work. Titled "Everything is Forever", it is a cinematic journey through war, peace, and rock n' roll. The film has screened to rave reviews and earned two awards and premiered at 47th World Fest Houston International Film Festival in April 2014. One award was for best stage concert/performance and the other award was for best docudrama. The film was named official selection for the Julien Dubuque, Starigrad Paklenica and Kansas City International Film Festivals. The film will continue to be screened at film festivals in the U.S. and abroad.

Through his singing and songwriting Nenad's goal is to spread the message of joy and universal peace.

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  • Album "Everything Is Forever" in production 2012

  • CD "All I Want Is Freedom" released in 2011

  • Produced "Klapa Luka" by Klapa Luka, NBM Ltd. 2007

  • Produced "Dan Vi´┐Żere" by Klapa Navalia, NBM Ltd 2007

  • Produced "Lipo Ime" by Klapa Sinj, NBM Ltd 2005

  • Produced "Klapa Fa Lindjo" by Klapa Fa Lindjo, NBM Ltd 2005

  • Rereleased enhanced CD album; "Thousand Years of Peace"/ NBM Ltd 2002

  • Recording Contract - performed on charity CD "We Are Family" 2001

  • Produced CD album "Following the Cross" by St. Stephen's Choir NBM Ltd 2000/ ARCANA 2002

  • Produced CD album "Novaljo, Novaljo" by Klapa Navalia NBM Ltd 2000

  • Produced CD album "Fire on the Sea" by Klapa Fortunal NBM Ltd/SIAM records 1999

  • Released enhanced CD album; "I Love Losers"/NBM Ltd 1998

  • Recording Contract with Mercury/Polygram; "News Goo" compilation with Bruce Springsteen,  Leonard Cohen,... 1998

  • Recording contract with the Decca/London; "Pavarotti and Friends" 1996

  • Recording contract with the Rockworld/Sony; Single "Can We Go Higher?" 1993

  • Recording contract with the Croatia Records; Single "Can We Go Higher?"1993

  • Recording contract "Paragon Artists-Public Records". Recorded a full length album "Greatest Hits" from which the singles "You Need A Love" and "Woman In The Bay" were released "...album of superior quality..." Billboard  (USA), 1988.

  • Recording contract "RTB" released the U.S. recorded "Greatest Hits"  This album rose to #1 in former Yugoslavia in December '88/January '89.

  • Released the hit single "Between Two Flights" in 1984.

  • Recording contract "RTB" recorded an album "Takvu Te Necu" in 1983.

  • Released the single "Vesna" in 1981.

  • Recording contract "RTV Ljubljana", recorded an album "Vrijeme i Zemlja I" which rose to #1 in 1980 from which the hit single was released.

  • Recording contract "Jugoton", Zagreb recorded a compilation album.

Film & TV

  • Scored "Random Lunacy," award winning film about Poppa Neutrino and Family by Home Team Productions (Victor Zimet and Stephanie Silber)

  • Scored "In Debt We Trust" award winning film by Danny Schechter (2006)

  • Scored "WMD: Weapons of Mass Deception," award winning film by Danny Schechter (2004)

  • Scored film "Freedom From Despair," award winning film by Brenda Brkusic (2004)

  • Scored film "Justice," award winning film by Evan Oppenheimer (2003)

  • Scored "The Making and the meaning of We Are Family"  film by Danny Schechter in 2002

  • Scored "Murder on Mott Street" film by Burt Young in 2001

  • Scored "King of Cool" film by Robert Katz (biopic about the life of Steve McQueen) in 1998.  R.Katz is an Academy Award nominee.

  • Scored "Beyond Life With Timothy Leary" film by Danny Schechter in 1998. D. Schechter is an  Emmy award winner.

  • Scored "Transatlantic"film by Mladen Juran  in 1998. Croatian entry for the Academy Awards

  • Produced, directed and wrote music video "Can We Go Higher?" in 1991 (includes Rick Danko, Garth Hudson, John Malkovich, Richie Havens, Indigo Girls, Ellen Burstyn, Martin Sheen, Michael York, Michael Penn, Peter Holsapple, Johnny Farina)

  • Scored Brian Owens feature film "Happy Hell Night", 1992/93 (HBO, CINEMAX)

  • Scored the Robert Stone documentary feature film, "The Satellite Sky" 1990 which  won "Louis Award" for 1990. (R.Stone is an Academy Award nominee)             

  • Scored the John Shepphird  film "Urban Annoyance" premiered at the Sundance Festival 

  • Scored the William Robertson short film, "An Afternoon In The Park" done at Columbia Film School in class of Milos Forman which won four prestigious awards at United States Film Festivals.

  • Scored the Webster Lewine short film, "Haunted" done at the same school in class of Martin Scorsese which has been selected for the Berlin Film Festival of 1989.

  • Scored the Adam Idelson short film, "Crosswords" done at the same school in the class of  Milos Forman

  • Scored the Anthony Alosi short film, "Dead Silence" in the class of Martin Scorsese. This film entered the finals of the Focus Festival in 1989

  • Promotional music video "You Need A Love" for the "Greatest Hits" Album

  • Promotional music video "Woman In The Bay" for the "Greatest Hits" Album

    Information about additional film & video scores will be provided upon request.

Selected Television  Appearances

  • "Clip Trip"                     "Much Music"  Canadian TV      

  • "Video Music Box"                   WNYC

  • "Late Shift"                        New Haven CT (ABC)     

  • "Street Stories" with Ed Bradley            C B S

  • "News At Five","News At 11"             C B S

  • "MTV News"                      MTV US, MTV Asia                 

  • "MTV"                           Europe, MTV US

  • "Showbiz Today", "Headline News"            C N N

  • "Entertainment Tonight"             Syndic. (NBC, CBS, ABC)

  • "ET"                            European TV

  • "Canal Plus"                        French TV

  • "Picture In Picture"                    Croatian TV

  • "Sky Channel"                       Europe Cable

  • "Rights and Wrongs"                 PBS, CUNY (58 Countries)

  • "Country, Land, people"             HTV Croatian TV

  • "Stars of America"                  Russian TV

  • "News"                          "New York One" Cable

  • "Up To The Minute"                  C B S

  • "Night Flight"                      USA Network,

  • "The Joe Franklin Show "                WWOR-TV 

  • "Midday News"                   KNTV-TV 11 (ABC)

  • "California This Week"              KRON-TV 4 (NBC)

  • "Susan Sikora Show"                 KBHK-TV 44

  • "Mornings On Two"                   KTVU-TV 2 (FOX)

  • "Turbo Limach Show"                 HTV Croatian TV

  • "Happy Hell Night" Film             HBO, CINEMAX Cable TV

  • Hawaiian TV programing              CH 4 (ABC), CH 2 (CBS), CH 9 (NBC)

Selected Live Appearances

  • Preston Bradley Hall (Chicago) with Klapa Sinj

  • Kennedy Center for Performing Arts (Washington, D.C.) with Klapa Sinj

  • Society for Ethical Culture (New York City) with Klapa Sinj

  • Croatian Center (New York City) backed by Frank Enea Group

  • Sarajevo, live with the Symphonic Orchestra

  • Madison Square Garden; New York, USA

  • Royal Festival Hall; London, Great Britain

  • Liechtenstein Palace & Carl Platz; Vienna, Austria

  • "Woodstock '94"; Saugerties, New York

  • "Pavarotti and Friends"; Modena, Italy     
    List of additional Films,Theater Shows ,Puppet Theater Shows, TV shows ,Cable TV  Shows and Film TV presentations will be provided upon request.

Musical Collaborations With      

  • Garth Hudson (The Band)

  • Rick Danko (The Band)

  • Richie Havens

  • Peter Holsapple (REM, DB's)

  • Michael Penn

  • Indigo Girls

  • Bob Clearmountain

  • Bob Ludwig

  • Bono (U2)

  • The Edge (U2)

  • Luciano Pavarotti          

  • Meatloaf

  • Simon Le Bon (Duran Duran)

  • Dolores O'Riordan (Cranberries)

  • Johnny Farina (Santo & Johnny) 

  • Taylor Dayne

  • Vince Welnick (keyboards for Grateful Dead; Tubes)

  • Mino Cinelu (percussion for Sting, Weather Report, Miles Davis)

  • Gary Burke (drums for The Mamas & Papas, Joe Jackson, Bob Dylan, Steve Reich)           

  • Graham Maby (bass for Joe Jackson, Marshall Crenshaw, Garland Jeffries)

  • Hugh MacDonald (bass for Alice Cooper, Cher)

  • Vinnie Zummo (guitar for Joe Jackson, Marti Jones)

  • Robert Crenshaw (drums for Marshall Crenshaw)

  • Richie Cannata (saxophone for Billy Joel, Elton John, Beach Boys)

  • Tony Aiello & Michael Morreale (brass for Joe Jackson)

  • John McCurry (guitar for Cyndi Lauper, Peter Gabriel, David Bowie, Billy Joel)
                                                           ... and many more

Film & Video Collaborations With

  • Ellen Burstyn

  • John Malkovich

  • Martin Sheen

  • Michael York   

  • Danny Schechter & "Globalvision"   

  • Burt Young

  • Robert Katz

  • Robert Stone 

  • Home Team Productions (Victor Zimet and Stephanie Silber)      
        Recording Facilities
               Allaire Studios; Shokan, New York

  •            Bearsville Studios; Woodstock, New York
               BearTracks Studios; Suffern, New York
               Electric Lady Studios; New York City
               Village Recorder; West Los Angeles, California
               Cove City Sound Studios; Long Island, New York
               Record Plant Studios; New York City
               Zeitgeist Studios; Brentwood, California
               Sound One studios; New York City       
               Nenad Bach Music Ltd; Irvington, New York

        Recent Newspaper Appearances 

               "New York Times"
               "Washington Post"
               "New York Daily News"
               "Philadelphia Daily News"
               "New York Newsday"
               "Spin Magazine"
    nbsp;          "Boston Globe"
               "Miami Herald"
               "New Haven Register"
               "Media Culture Review"
               "Vecernji List"
               "Slobodna Dalmacija"
               "Corriere Della Sera"  
               .......and many more

                                    .....more to come